Zawgyi Fonts Installation

If you have problems with Zawgyi fonts after downloading and installing in the Fonts Subdirectory, try the following settings..

1. Step One

First, check your hard drives, especially if your computer has 2 hard drives. Usually the Fonts subdirectory of drive C will have Zawgyi fonts, if installed correctly.

2. Step Two (for Firefox browser)

Left-click TOOLS, click OPTIONS, click CONTENT, Choose 'Zawgyi-One' as default font under Fonts & Colors, click OK.

3. Step Three (for Internet Explorer browser)

Go to 'Tools' > 'Internet Options' > 'General Tab' > 'Fonts (under Appearance)' > Choose "Zawgyi-One" as webpage font, Click OK . Then go to "Accessibility" to check/click 'Ignore font styles specified on webpages' (leave other boxes un-ticked> Click OK twice.