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Now Overseas Myanmars and other English-speaking Peiople can watch

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from Hotbird 6 & Astra2 Eurobird 1 Satellites, 8 hours a day

{short description of image}       MITV , from the Ministry of Information in Myanmar, is the FREE Satellite TV channel, aiming at the international audience in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific etc. (from 10 a.m to 6 p.m daily in UK) You will be watching the programmes in English sometimes in sub-titles, but 8 hours a day only. (Previous MRTV3 and MRTV4 programmes had been discontinued from the Satellites.)

{short description of image}      MITV programme covers a wide range of Myanmar’s unique traditions, culture, history, sight-seeing holiday spots and pilgrimage information, etc.. That is why the overseas Myanmars should use this free service to enjoy the entertainment and useful programmes, enriching their knowledge of their native country and Myanmar life. The younger generation, especially those born or living abroad, can also learn or improve the Myanmar language skill.
{short description of image}      The cost of satellite equipment is coming down. For example someone with basic DIY skill can install it, for as little as under £50 with no monthly fees to pay, buying the complete set from Aldi and other Stores in the UK. If you live in a rented property you will need the permission of the landlord. You may try if your property has a corridor, balcony or varenda or a garden or even from inside of your room as long as the satellite dish can be sited facing south.

{short description of image}      Altogether 156 countries can receive MITV through Thai Com3 for Asia Pacific region, Tel Star5 Satellite for America and Hot Bird Satellites for Europe; 8 hours for Europe and America.

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{short description of image}      HD Satellite kits for receiving HD and SD digital TV anywhere in the UK, can be bought from many Stores ( Screwfix, B&Q, Aldi, etc.) Hundreds of free channels as well as the option of receiving thousands of free foreign channels with no monthly subscription.
{short description of image}      Free popular channels (mostly in English) on Hot Bird Satellites include Japan (NHK), Korea (Arirang & CGN-Christian), China (CCTV9, CCTV4, NTD TV), Thailand (TGB & DMC-Buddhist), Vietnam (VTV4), Sri Lanka (One SriLanka & SRI TV), Cambodia, India, US (VOA TV), France (France 24), Russia (Russia Today), BBC World News, Al Jazerra Intl, Euro News, Press TV, Bloomberg, CNBC, SuperTennis among others.

{short description of image}      The HD Satellite Kit includes a 60cm Satellite Dish, wall mount with fitting, HD satellite receiver, LNB with weather boot, 10m RG6 cable, 2 x F connectors, 10 x cable clips, 1.5m HDMI cable and instruction leaflet. (Specifications may vary from kit to kit)

{short description of image}       You need a suitable ladder and electric drill to fit the Satellite Dish on the South-facing external wall in the UK. You probably need a friend to assist you. Brick-drilling DIY skill is required. It doesn't need to be as high as the gutter or roof of the house, provided you can point it without obstruction towards the Satellite. The dish can still be placed in the garden without the need for using electric drill. Take the usual precaution to avoid DIY-related accidents.

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Including services offered to the general public either free or not.

MITV Technical Parameter
(may be listed as MRTV3)

SATELLITE Thaicom-5 (ASIA) Hot Bird-6 (EUROPE) Galaxy-19 (NORTH AMERICA) Apstar-V (ASIA Beam) Optus D2 (NANAZ Beam)
    (from 10 a.m to 6 p.m daily in UK)      
LOCATION/ ORBITAL SLOT 78.5º E 13º E 97º W 138º E 152º E
DOWNLINK FREQUENCY 3574.1 MHz (C-Band) 10.815 GHz 1 1.966 GHz (KU-Band) 12.3778 GHz (KU-Band) 12.608 GHz (KU-Band)
SYMBOL RATE 7.492 MSym/sec 27500 ksyb 22 MSym/sec 2.222 MSym/sec 22.5 MSym/sec
POLARIZATION Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
FEC 2/3 5/6 3/4 3/4 3/4
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